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Top secret magazine pdf tsr

top secret magazine pdf tsr

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Revenir à la page d'accueil, sommaire TOP secret N91 News de linsolite Page 5 Le mystère de lexplosion de la fusée Falcon 9 Un, sommaire TOP secret N90 News de linsolite Page 5 Le Premier sceau du diable Un texte de Karl Elqayam sommaire TOP.
Isbn Buy at Amazon Seventh Seal (TS008) "The Four Horsemen Ride!
Lets you build the character you want to play.In addition to the red rulebook, the TS001 (Sprechenhaltestelle) module comes with the box set.Experience deadly weapons, intricate gadgets, and high speed car chases as your hero moves through a world of excitement and danger in espionage!TSR, top Secret.I.The module comes with a 32 page operations file, a large scale full color map of train targets, a map of the European train system, and 24 cut-out cardboard agent figures." 1983.Buy at Amazon, top Secret Companion (TS007) "from: Vostok TO: Rezident Samovar concerning: Reconnaissance of "TOP secret Companion" Cursory examination of target, document reveals that "TOP secret Companion" contains the following features: # Methods for determining education, finances, and other background statistics about agents; #.Operation: Fastpass (TS004) "Andrei Lerekhov, communist code expert, has sent a secret message indicating a desire to defect.Danger International, browse MY TOP secret items currently IN stock.Live american pows ARE identified AND located anroup OF former servicemen decide TO risk their lives TO rescue them.Isbn (same) contents: Rulebook; mini-poster; double-sided play map; 6 dice.
Gather your wits and the game of espionage!" contents: * 64-page rulebook * 16-page adventure, "Merchants of Terror" 1983.
He will be a guest speaker at a conference in Budapest.
Role Playing Game BOX SET "espionage!
The action can be set in foreign capitals or the secret hideouts of deranged supercriminals, but one thing is certain: no one will know the outcome until the game is played and true loyalties come to the fore!
This iodule/supplement FOR danger international/espionage.
Isbn BOX SET: 1985.
Here there BE tigers IS AN action packed adventure FOR espionage/danger international which includes NEW package deals FOR THE elite military service groups, A training camp IN which characters actually train FOR missions VIA weapon ranges AND confidence courses, AND THE NEW level agent.Miguel Salcedo, and samples of a new and deadly strain of bacteria, has been captured by terrorists.Buy at Amazon, lady in Distress (TS003 this module does a brilliant bait-and-switch on the players, to the point of having the referee handing out a briefing on a mission they'll never start.RPG - High Stakes Gamble - Book III - Adventur.21 MB, top Secret.I/High Stakes Gamble/TSR Top Secret.I.An introductory module allows players to get started with TOP secret after only a minimum of preparation, and provides a scenario setting for several game adventures Once the module has been used, players and Administrators both will have plenty of ideas for creating imaginative adventure.All the danger, glamour, and adventure of a secret agent's life await you as today's headlines or the more exotic spy settings of movies or television provide the backdrop for every mission.The only other things necessary are a good imagination and a spirit of adventure!" 1980 (1st edition).Can your agents discover the identities of the Four Horsemen and neutralise their plan to destroy Los Angeles with a thermonuclear device?The 2nd edition book was published in 1981, and though largely identical, incorporated quite a bit of errata and was completely re-typeset in a different font.Sommaire TOP secret N86 News de linsolite Page 5 LAtlantide redécouverte Un texte de Dorothée Kœchlin de Bizemont Page, sommaire TOP secret N85 News de linsolite Page 5 Les porcs de lenfer Un texte de Fabrice Kircher Page, sommaire TOP secret N84 News de linsolite.