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Sim city 2000 for pc

sim city 2000 for pc

The banker will ask you if you want a bond at a 25 rate.
Sim City 2000 Cheats : Sorry, to fulfil this action you have to be CheatsGuru User.I play this game 1 play too.If you like this game, try rtlwintersports2008 no cd crack this Sim City 2000.Swamp or trees on water: Make a small pond, lake, or river.It also lets you have new disasters.Cass : Each time you do this you will receive 250.Do this and you should have 1 million in the first year then maybe 5 million in the second.Another well known trick is the fund bug.
Also be sure to add power and water.
1X1 tile buildings and zones can be placed here.
Hint:, submitted by: Bob Villa, if you type in gilmartin you will get a military base put some where away from you city.
Then after that whenever you type ardo you get another half a mil.GameTip: Submitted by: Donna If you type imacheat at any point in the game, you will recieve 500.000.Cave: - In "Edit New Map" mode, make a hill.Press Shift while clicking to erase things from your city.Do this before you build anything: submitted by: Dj Simo * Build a gas plant.This game has been made by Maxis and published by Maxis at Feb 28, 1995.Dancing Arcology:, submitted by: Joshua, e-mail: Run the Urban Renewal Kit and type vaudeville.Click on the Bond payments, then issue another bond from the bond payments.Then wait for a house to build and it should be a huge house.He will fly around and attempt to stop the disaster.The whole world has heard of Sim City, where you have the ability yo create your own towns from scratch but must keep your citizens happy to succeed.