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Sekonic l 508 manual espaгol

sekonic l 508 manual espaгol

(Described on Page 1 in gamecam registration serial number Light Meter Parts) Please make sure that the default value in the Custom settings mode is set.(Custom.17, Item.
If the battery is removed with the power ON, measurements and settings in memory can no longer be recalled.
Please read the note to avoid incorrect opera- tion.
The last measurement is held until the lock is released, even if the Jog wheel is accidentally moved.Cord multiple flash (cumulative) mode.Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date.Measuring Mode Icons Ambient (see page 15) Auto-Reset Cordless Flash (see page 22) Cord Flash (see page 21) Wireless flash radio triggering mode (see page 28) Incident / Reflected Spot Mode Icons (see page 11) Appears when in Incident mode Appears when in Reflected Spot.Measurements should be with the Lumisphere aimed towards the camera direction from the subject position.
Light Meter Parts.
Supplied Accessories.
0) Memory Measuring button button Configuration 1).Always turn the power OFF before replacing the battery.If after replacing the battery, or during measurements, strange screens (displays that have not been set) appear on the LCD, or nothing happens, no matter what button is pushed, remove the battery and wait at least ten seconds and then.Hold down the Mode button and turn the Jog wheel to select the desired mode.Parts Designation Lumisphere retracting ring.Warning To avoid a danger of strangulation, please keep the strap in a location where an infant cannot reach it and accidentally get the strap wrapped around his or her neck.Parts Designation.