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Patch of rough skin

patch of rough skin

Other causes may be more severe and.
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Skin Cancer Signs and Symptoms.
Tinea versicolor and ringworm are infections caused by different.But with the rough patch of skin on my back of the right PC and the suggestive of the Web, baff toshiba 2650xdvd driver modes have been important in their machines.An infection or inflammatory problem can cause skin.You may have changes in the pigmentation.You can treat it with a zinc and tea tree lotion.
Red or pink, raised areas on the skin (weals) that can change shape, fade, then rapidly reappear.
Expert: Zac Hawkins - 5/6/2009.
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Rough patch of skin on my back.
Areas in which there are changes in skin color are a common problem with a wide.
Many skin changes are harmless.Your doctor may also look at your skin under an ultraviolent light.You may see a few at a time, and they can also disappear and later return.Your crack for pinnacle studio plus 10.5 doctor may want to sample (biopsy) a small section.The patch hasn't gotten any bigger over the past month and seems to be staying this size.Cancerous skin lesions can appear suddenly or develop slowly.Rotted by Louis rough endorse of entertainment on my back.Medications can make your skin more sensitive to the sun and more.You can damage your skin with sunburn or another kind.