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Nlrb san manual casehandling

nlrb san manual casehandling

Rules and Regulations with, representation case changes effective April 14, 2015 and procedural updates effective March 6, 2017 (link is external to the eCFR).
You can view the National Labor Relations Act here.In addition, on February 24, 2017, the National Labor Relations Board made procedural amendments to Part 102 of the Rules and Regulations to: eliminate outdated references to telegraphs, carbon copies, and the requirements for submitting multiple copies of hard copy submissions; use more plain language.Rules and Regulations without, representation case changes effective April 14, 2015 or procedural updates effective March 6, 2017.Accordingly, the Rules with and without the changes appear below.Those changes became effective April 14, 2015 and are being applied to all petitions filed on or after April 14, 2015.Petitions filed before April 14, 2015 are being processed under the representation case procedures that were in effect when the petition was filed and do not include the changes that became effective April 14, 2015.
Hard copies for many of the following manuals may be ordered through the Government Printing Office here:.gov/.
This quick reference gives you a clear understanding of the nlrb's procedures for processing cases to ensure your case conforms to the Board's guidelines.
Nlrb Organization and Functions (currently under revision).
Get step-by-step guidance for handling unfair labor charges, elections, zend studio 4 beta crack and compliance proceedings, including information on the conduct of formal hearings and presentation of evidence.Delegation of Authority and Assigned Responsibilities of the General Counsel.The amendments also clarify the means by which documents are E-Filed and service is made by the parties and the Board. .These changes became effective March 6, 2017.Also included are the nlrb operating procedures as they relate to representation elections as well as current information on compliance with nlrb orders, and issues common to both unfair labor practice and representation cases.Our manuals are written for legal and non-legal audiences and provide a wealth of material useful for understanding and navigating nlrb cases.