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Ms paint 2007 tutorial pdf

ms paint 2007 tutorial pdf

Then go back to the Shapes tool and choose the curved line again.
It can no longer be edited in any way.
When you have an active shape or some active text on your page, hovering your cursor over a color in the Color Palette will make the shape or text take on that color temporarily.
View Tab Zooming in and out is one of the features that Paint in Windows 7 has improved out of sight!To make a smooth curve, after you have drawn your line, put your cursor close to the beginning of the line.Crop The top button, a diamond shape with a line through it, lets you crop your picture so that only the selected area remains.If you hold down the Shift key while drawing pumpkins picking patch in suffolk uk a line, it will be precisely horizontal, precisely vertical, or precisely at 45 degrees.Help menu This provides comprehensive help about the paint program.Click Save as Be very sure that you do click Save as and not Save.Table of contents The Text tool in Paint for Windows 7 is a great improvement on earlier versions.And in this version of Paint, you can use the Text Tool while zoomed in!
To remove items you've added from the Ribbon, right click the unwanted icon and then click the Remove option.
Table of contents Copying a selection There is, of course, a Copy button on the ribbon, but this way is faster, particularly if you want to make multiple copies of a selection.
Painting with a selection Try this.
Items include: Cut, Copy, Paste, Crop, Select all, Invert selection Delete, Rotate and Resize, latest peachtree accounting 2012 crack but the one that seems to be available on this menu and nowhere else is Invert color, the last item on the menu.Click on the View tab to bring it to the front and you'll find a whole set of useful options available.Table of contents This is annoying and seems mostly to happen if you click close to the left of the bounding box of a selection or a freshly drawn shape.Eraser/colour eraser this is for erasing your drawing or the colour you have applied.When you like what you see, click on the name of that font.Table of contents Resize and Skew The second tiny button to the right of the large Select button will open the Resize and Skew dialogue.The line of blank squares at the bottom will show any colors you have edited during this session.That is, if you move the shape onto a colored area while its bounding box is still active, the white fill will show.On the Ribbon, right click on anything you'd like to add to the Quick sony vaio pcg-fx220 help manual Access Toolbar and a menu will appear.