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Ferroli optimax he 31c manual

ferroli optimax he 31c manual

In the little fighters for pc meantime turn off the supply and return valves to the unit, and open up the bypass valve to allow water through without going through the softener.
Please read our, legal Disclaimer, plate heat exchangers in combi boilers are secondary heat exchangers.In a dirty system the narrow waterways of the plate heat exchanger act like a filter, trapping the black iron oxide sludge and other debris.If you want to link directly to this page, the hyperlink.In central heating mode, combination boilers heat water in the main heat exchanger and pump it round the heating circuit, through the radiators or the under-floor heating pipework to heat the house.Filters, cyclone type separators and magnetic sludge removers such as MagnaClean and Spirovent Magnabooster and Spirotrap MB3 help to clean the system but should not be used in place of proper power flushing if the system is dirty.(You should also check that any isolating valves in the mains water line are fully open and that any filters are clean).Lime scale is not much of a problem in the heating waterway of the plate heat exchanger.
As it passes through the plate heat exchanger it picks up heat from the metal plates in contact with the hot heating water in the other channel; the mains water goes in cold and comes out hot, passing to the taps.
And the pressure has dropped.2 and i have read the installation booklet, but it doesn't help.
The photo on the right shows a typical plate heat exchanger.
A completely different problem with plate heat exchangers (and other secondary heat exchangers) is leakage between the two waterways within the heat exchanger.
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In hot water mode the diverter valve in the boiler diverts the heating water from the radiator pipework, sending rtlwintersports2008 no cd crack it instead through the plate heat exchanger.
The domestic tap waterway in the plate heat exchanger can be de-scaled using chemicals and a de-scaling pump but it may be cheaper to replace the plate heat exchanger rather than de-scaling.Click the image for a larger picture. If the mains water pressure in your area is less than 2 bar, it may not show up at all.If the incoming mains water pressure is high enough, the heating system pressure will continue to rise until the 3 bar safety pressure relief valve is forced open and heating water is passed out of the system through the safety pipe. However, if the safety pipe drips or runs pretty well indefinitely, even when the boiler has not been firing, and the system pressure gauge is reading steadily around 3 bar, you should suspect the plate heat exchanger.Legal Disclaimer, cookie Policy, who We Are, contact.It may come out cooler.Sadly, it is generally done badly if at all.Fresh mains water is being constantly brought in and heated up in the plate heat exchangers domestic water channel.Please note when ordering Gas conversion kits a Gassafe Register number is required.These are standard size seals and buying them directly from an "O" ring supplier is much cheaper, butyou will need to identify the sizes and material first.Leakage across the plate heat exchanger is not the commonest cause of an increase in system pressure or of water passing out through the safety pipe.